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The Peace of Sound Sleep – Magnificent Mood

Some days you are just not in the mood for anyone or anything. And if you hear, “How are you?” just one more time, you are going to start breaking things.

Sundays should come with a pause button. We don’t have one of those gadgets, but we do have a cabinet full of healthy options to take that gives you a better day, and an even better night.

Check out our bulk prices on L-tryptophan, melatonin, B12, L-tyrosine, GABA, 5-HTP, and other brain-calming nutrients.

Same ingredients and milligrams as those name brands, but with low, lower, lowest prices.

Just knowing that you’ll save up to, if not over 50%, will put you in a better mood. And with a better mood, comes sound sleep.

These are great for kids! Especially during the school year!

Click. Buy. Save. Smile. Sleep.

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Children's Chewable Multivitamins in Wild Animal Shapes & Fruity Flavors

Remember those Flintstones vitamins for kids? Well, meet our children’s chewable multivitamin. They come in wild animal shapes: Elephants, lions and tigers! Oh my! They come in fruity flavors: Orange, grape and cherry! Mmmmmmm!

Give your future teacher, scientist, firefighter a daily dose of “Growing up Healthy” when they turn their nose up at vegetable medley and cross their arms at fish.

We make being healthy fun and delicious for kids.

But you better get a nutrabulk of them, because you’ll want some too if your kids don’t like to share.

And with low, low prices that fits your budget just right, you can save money for other things. Like replacing the lamp they broke.

See our lowest prices for your children’s highest health.

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Vegetarian B-12

Remembering more things is pretty cool. Having more sustained energy throughout the day is great!

Having stronger support for brain health – WOO HOO! Thank you, B-12!

But if you don’t have enough milligrams of this beautiful B vitamin circulating through your body. . . .

then that’s a disadvantage to being a vegetarian that many of you hate. But buying our B-12 at 50% off is an advantage that all of you will love.

And at 2,500 mcg, those numbers add up to better health and wellbeing.

If you just forgot the first two lines in this section, and your inner gas tank is always riding on “E,”…

do yourself a favor and click here to buy some B-12!

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Our Supplements Give You Clean Blasting off Energy

Put down that fourth cup of coffee and that overpriced energy bar!

We have a line of supplements that gets you through the day, and then some: D-Ribose, CoQ-10, beta-alanine, acai berry. . . .

These have compounds that play a role in storing and delivering good clean energy to your cells.

Our blasting-off energy supplements are used regularly by:

  1. People who burn the candle at both ends.
  2. Poor (diet) eaters
  3. Parents of lackluster children.
  4. Athletes and weekend warriors.

Click here to perk you and your family up!

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