Monthly Archives: December 2015

  1. Gifting Supplements for the Holidays

    Do you have a friend, family member, or loved one whose health conscious or athletic? Then give the gift of supplementation these holidays! Maybe that sounds a bit silly, but gifting our bulk supplements can be ideal for your gym-guru brother, your health-savvy aunt, or anyone looking to stave off the effects of aging (and who isn’t?).

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  2. On Sleep

    If you’re short on sleep day after day, it can really wear on your body and your mind. Getting adequate sleep gives the body time to recuperate from the rigmarole of life. Our muscles rest, our heart slows, and our mind reboots. But getting enough sleep isn’t easy for all of us. Millions of Americans don’t get their daily 8 hours of sleep, and the nation’s health suffers for it. If you’re sleepless in Seattle, or anywhere for that matter, you’ll likely benefit from our natural sleep-aid supplements. The causes of sleeplessness abound. Here’s why you might not be getting enough sleep, and why a sleep-aid supplement might be your best option.

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