In the fast-paced working world, it can be hard to juggle all the responsibilities that come with being an adult. Some of the chief complaints that many Americans express to their physicians are feelings of fatigue or exhaustion.

Everyone is looking for the next fix; the magic pill that can keep them going for extended periods of time. There are many factors that can go into exhaustion from high levels of stress to poor sleep to proper nutrition. Identifying the causes of your fatigue can help you to figure out the best ways to combat it. Here are several different vitamin supplement options that can ward off a variety of causes of exhaustion all of which can be found at NutraBulk online.


There is a lot of talk surrounding the benefits of consuming enough of the B vitamins. There are many different types of B vitamins but B12 and B6 are the two directly related to energy, among other things. Low levels of B vitamins can cause severe mental fatigue. The body burns through B12 quickly when you are exposed to high levels of stress. It can cause brain fog, difficulty remembering things, and a pretty constant urge to sleep. Because it’s a water-soluble vitamin, you constantly need to replenish the availability in the body as none is stored.


For individuals who simply don’t get enough sleep, supplementing with caffeine pills can be beneficial to help elevate energy levels. There are many different ways to supplement with caffeine, and as a pill it is a safer option because you are able to easily control the dosage over options like powders. People also metabolize sources of caffeine differently. For some people, caffeine derived from tea will work best for their bodies so green tea extract will be the best option. Tea based caffeine tends to have fewer side effects and leave people less jittery. But some people do really well with caffeine derived from green coffee extract, also a clean source of caffeine.


Related to B12, niacin is also known as B3. Niacin works directly with the cardiovascular system and is a vasodilator, helping to increase the blood flow throughout the body. This increased blood flow and oxygenation that niacin can provide helps to boost energy levels and improve cardiovascular function.


Being deficient in iron can cause a massive drop in energy levels. This is most common for women and can lead to anemia where the body is unable to produce enough red blood cells due to the lack of iron present in the body. Iron can be difficult consume as a vitamin supplement, though necessary for some. A multi-vitamin with iron can be an excellent option. To avoid nausea, try taking it with a meal. Note that children should not consume a multi-vitamin with iron unless instructed by a doctor.

These four different vitamin supplements can really help to boost energy levels for a variety of individuals. Additionally, CoQ10 and vitamin C can also increase energy levels! Check back later on the blog for the many different benefits that they can provide. In the meantime, shop online with NutraBulk to help you feel your best!