Glucosamine is crucial to joint health. Glucosamine is prevalent in cartilage, a major component of joints around the body. Cartilage is a hard tissue that’s slightly softer than bone, but more rigid than muscle. It’s a connective tissue that serves to protect certain body parts and it allows for smooth joint movement. If you have arthritis, it may be due to poor cartilage health.

Cartilage Damage

Unfortunately, cartilage is liable to wear and wither with age and use. Athletes often contract joint problems due to overworked cartilage. Cartilage is naturally lubricated to allow for joint movement. However, this lubrication is imperfect, and constant use can diminish the effectiveness of the lubricant.

In addition, those afflicted with arthritis, including osteoarthritis, may have damaged cartilage. What’s worse is that it is very difficult to heal damaged cartilage. Since cartilage isn’t directly fed by the blood stream (capillaries don’t weave throughout cartilage), it’s difficult for cartilage to receive the compounds it needs to repair itself. Unlike many other cell types in the body, cartilage may only be slowly repaired through diffusion, instead of more efficient osmosis.

Cartilage Damage Effects

When your cartilage is damaged, you may experience joint pain. This pain can be prevalent all over the body, including your shoulders, hips, elbows, wrists, and ankles. You may feel more stiff than usual if your cartilage has been damaged. Also, your joints may swell. In extreme cases, cartilage can become severed and hinder normal joint movement. Joints are liable to give way and fail too.

Cartilage Repair

Glucosamine sulfate is considered “likely effective” for osteoarthritis problems, according to a MedlinePlus article. It shows potential to aid in treating knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, although there are currently insufficient studies for its effectiveness in treating other disorders. Glucosamine sulfate may aid the body in producing healthy cartilage, producing lubricant to help joint movement, and it may reduce joint pain.

NutraBulk Glucosamine

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