Did you know that stress can lead to weight gain? It’s an unfortunate fact, but stress, and eating induced by stress, can lead to weight gain. As this WebMD video tells us, stress can lead to higher fat consumption, and this fat consumption can slow your metabolism and cause weight gain. This trend is especially prevalent in middle aged women. Take note that the women in this particular study were aged 53-years-old on average. However, the

As we’d discussed in a previous three-part blog series, there are solutions to stress. Stress can be reduced through therapy, diet, exercise, and rest. In addition, there are health supplements that can aid you in increasing your mood, aid you in gaining restful sleep, and allow you to destress. NutraBulk is proud to carry a variety of these natural stress reducing supplements.

NutraBulk’s Stress Reducing Supplements

Taking our natural supplements in conjunction with a good diet, consistent exercise, rest, and therapy, can have a major impact on your stress levels. We carry a variety of stress reducing supplements, including tryptophan, 5-HTP, GABA, melatonin, and tyrosine powder. Some of these supplements are further beneficial as they may aid you in gaining restful sleep. NutraBulk also manufactures a variety of supplements that may help with weight loss.

NutraBulk’s Weight Loss Supplements

If you would like to shed some pounds that you’ve gained due to the stress in your life, or if you’d simply like to get trim, healthy, and fit, you can count on NutraBulk’s weight loss supplements to aid you in the process. Count on supplements such as caffeine, CLA (or conjugated linoleic acid), green coffee bean extract, green tea capsules, L-carnitine tablets, red yeast rice capsules, and stevia powder. These products may reduce your cravings, boost your metabolism, and aid you in shedding pounds. Our natural supplements are designed to aid you in supporting your health.

Saving Money with NutraBulk

To see effective results, you may have to continue a supplement regimen for some time. Here at NutraBulk, we know how expensive supplements can be. That’s why we manufacture and package our own supplements; and that’s why we provide our supplements in bulk. Selling in bulk allows us to save on manufacturing, packaging, and shipping costs; and these are savings that we share with our clientele. That’s why we can offer such a great deal on our natural supplements; and it’s why we put the ‘bulk’ in NutraBulk.

If you’re curious about any of our bulk supplements, including our weight loss supplements, and our stress relief supplements, you can give us a call. We have an on-site nutritionist who can field your questions and inform you about the ingredients in our supplements.

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