Here at NutraBulk, we believe in promoting your health. We produce and manufacture natural health supplements that can aid you in improving your quality of life. Among our full catalog of natural supplements, we have our sleep aid supplements. So many of us struggle to fall asleep and attain a full night's rest. If restful sleep escapes you, our sleep aid supplements may help. In addition, it may be best to mitigate stress in your life. Stress is a very common cause of sleeplessness or insomnia. Feel free to read an expert's analysis of the effects of stress on sleep here on a Sleep Foundation article. In short, the article states that stress can cause insomnia, although it certainly isn’t the only cause of insomnia. So for today’s blog, and two of our upcoming blogs, we’ll be dissecting stress, the causes of stress, and possible therapy and treatment for stress - all in hope that you may be able to gain healthy rest in conjunction with our natural sleep aid supplements. Today, let’s look at what stress is.

What is Stress?

Stress is your mind racing. Stress is blood pressure rising. Stress is the knot in your neck. Stress is anxiety. Again, stress is what keeps you up at night. Stress can take any number of forms. It’s generally painful and frustrating. On the other hand, being stress-free can feel as though a burden has been lifted. It can feel like a weight off of one’s shoulders.

Physically speaking, stress can appear in the form of a hormone imbalance, added muscle tension, headaches, and other medical maladies. If you notice these signs of stress, it’s time to take action. Consider adding a stress-relief supplement to your diet. Or if you’re struggling with sleep due to stress, try out a sleep aid supplement. NutraBulk carries both supplements, and as is true with all of our products, we sell our sleep aid and stress-relief supplements in bulk.

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