Ginseng is a plant under the genus Panax. This plant is native to Asia and Northern America Regions. Ginseng is packed with beneficial natural chemicals that may aid the body in functioning properly and healthily. For this reason, ginseng has been incorporated into the human diet for thousands of years. Although there aren’t currently many studies surrounding the benefits of ginseng (at least in Western medicine) the few studies that have been performed have shown some promising results, including all of the following:

Staving Off Cancer

Again, there aren’t many prevalent studies composed here in the Western realm of medicine, but initial studies support that ginseng may aid in staving off cancer. In numerous population studies composed in Asia, the results pointed out a link between ginseng consumption and reduced cancer afflictions within the populations.

Furthermore, ginseng may be helpful for those currently suffering from cancer. In a Vanderbilt-Ingram study, ginseng aided those afflicted with breast cancer in both quality of life and the chances of survival.

The Flu & Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Those who’ve caught the flu or the respiratory syncytial virus (or RSV) may benefit from supplementing their diet with ginseng. A study cited in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine notes that ginseng may be effective in treating and staving off infection from the flu and RSV. Since ginseng appears to improve epithelial cell health in humans, it may be effective in mitigating the results of a flu viral infection. Epithelial cells are one of four major cell types within the body. These cells aid the body by allowing for selective chemical compound secretion, and absorption. They also protect certain organs and tissues, and they allow for compound transport between cells.

Reducing Inflammation

According to the Journal of Translational Medicine, ginseng may be able to suppress inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is an immune-response mechanism that naturally occurs in the body when afflicted with an inflammatory disease. Excess inflammation of a cell or cell structures may lead to further afflictions, including cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, periodontitis, and hay fever. Therefore, ginseng supplementation may be an effective way to overcome afflictions rapidly and without consequence.

Energy Boost

If you’re suffering from fatigue and lethargy, you may be able to improve your mental will and physical activity with ginseng. A study by the Mayo Clinic shows promising results that indicate that ginseng may be a physical and mental activity booster in the cancer patients utilized throughout the study.

On Cognition

Again, ginseng may be a natural mental energy booster. In addition, there is promise that ginseng may provide further cognitive benefits. According to an article in The Cochrane Library, when the human diet is supplemented with ginseng, it may improve one’s cognitive functions and mood. Again, this is an initial study, so the results, while promising, are currently weak.

Halting ED

Ginseng may aid in overcoming erectile dysfunction (or ED). An article published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology tells us that there is “evidence for the effectiveness of red ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.”

In short, the benefits of adding a ginseng supplement to your diet are numerous. If you have a family history of cancer, are prone to suffering from viruses like the flu, or are looking to stave off an affliction, boost your energy and cognition, or move past ED, ginseng may be the proper solution. To learn more about ginseng, or to order our panax red ginseng supplement here online, feel free to click this link. Nutra Bulk is your online source for natural supplements, and we provide supplement products in bulk at wholesale prices!

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