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5-HTP (or 5-hydroxytryptophan) is a natural supplement derived from a medicinal plant indigenous to Western Africa called Griffonia simplicifolia. This nutritional supplement aids in the body’s natural production of serotonin in the nervous system. Our nervous systems rely on serotonin fire and interact. Neural pathways between our sensory organs are more likely to operate efficiently when the nervous system has an apt amount of serotonin. Similarly, the brain functions more efficiently when it is provided with a proper amount of serotonin. Unfortunately, our nervous system produces less and less serotonin as we age. Shortages in serotonin can lead to some minor neural problems (tiredness, lack of focus, lack of will, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep or restful sleep), as well as some major neural problems (depression, mania or obsession, mood swings, unending worry, cognitive impairment).

Fortunately, 5-HTP supplements provide a litany of neurological benefits to its users including the following:

Improved Sleep Patterns

Proper serotonin balances aid the whole brain in functioning. Therefore, your brain may delve into a sleep cycle more quickly, and it may attain a deeper sleep cycle. Note that serotonin can also allow the brain to be more active. You’ll need to exercise moderation in your supplementation, and strive to achieve a regular sleep schedule to experience more fruitful sleep.

Better Memory Function & Neurological Performance

More neural function lends itself to better memory and better neurological performance. 5-HTP users may note that their short and long term memories are more accessible, more vivid, and longer lasting. Moreover, 5-HTP supplement takers may note that their focus, mental acuity, and concentration are heightened.

Improved Mood

5-HTP supplement users often note an improvement in their mood. Serotonin aids a mind in maintaining stability and contentment, which can lend itself to an overall mood improvement.

Fewer Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you may benefit from a 5-HTP supplement. Again, 5-HTP aids the brain in functioning properly, and supplement users may note a decrease in the amount of migraine occurrences, as well as the severity of migraine occurrences.

More Will to Be Active

A person’s will to be active may be a consequence of their serotonin levels. When it comes to pursuing certain activities in our lives, decisiveness can come down to mind-over-matter. 5-HTP users may find that they’re more likely to pursue an active lifestyle. 5-HTP users may find they have more energy at work, more will to pursue creative pursuits, and more will to be physically active.


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