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Acetyl L-carnitine is an amino acid utilized to produce protein that your body uses to produce cells. Often, carnitine supplements are utilized in conjunction with a workout regimen because carnitine aids your body in building muscle efficiently. But the benefits of carnitine don’t stop there. A carnitine supplement may aid you in the following ways:

Reduce & Regulate Your Body Fat

Carnitine can aid your body in naturally converting fat into energy. So you may notice a boost in energy, and you may shed weight more quickly with your workout. You’ll be building lean muscle mass that’s ideal for athletic pursuits.

Strengthen Your Bones

Bone loss can be a real issue among aging men and women. Our bodies naturally produce less bone mass over time, but carnitine can aid your body in maintaining its skeletal integrity. A carnitine supplement can stop or reverse bone mass loss.

Keep Your Heart & Kidney Healthy

Carnitine can aid your cardiovascular system by relieving it of excess fat that can glom onto arteries and cause heart failure and disease. Moreover, carnitine (which is otherwise naturally produced by a body’s kidneys) supplements can be utilized to compensate for kidneys that fail to produce sufficient levels of the protein.

Fight Infertility

Men suffering from a low sperm count may be able to boost their sperm levels with a carnitine supplement. Studies suggest that carnitine supplementation can boost sperm count as well as sperm health.

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