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Essential Omega

Essential omegas include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are considered essential because the body relies on their characteristics to build healthy cells. Fatty acids aid your brain and nervous system in functioning. We rely on fatty acids to function, and it’s important to know that we cannot produce them naturally in our body. Unlike many other components our body uses to function, essential omegas must be consumed to be used by the body. A body cannot produce essential omegas on its own. Essential omegas can be found in foods like olive oil and salmon. They benefit the body in numerous ways:

Lower Your Cholesterol

Essential omegas are low in cholesterol, and they’re considered healthy fats. Moreover, they’re unsaturated fats which - unlike saturated fats - keep your arteries from clogging.

Aid Your Brain

Brain health is crucial for a body! Regulating your fatty acid intake can ensure that your brain is receiving the right stuff to sustain its health. Omega fatty acids are far better fat options for optimal brain function.

Reduce The Likelihood of Brain Diseases

As we’ve mentioned, adding essential omegas to your regular diet will ensure that your body’s nervous system is healthy. Nerves rely on these unsaturated fats to function and thrive. A regulated essential omega intake may therefore reduce the risk of age-related brain diseases including Alzheimer’s disease.

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