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GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a chemical naturally produced in the brain. Our bodies utilize this chemical to aid in relieving the brain of superfluous brain signals or neurotransmissions. Therefore, GABA aids us in relieving anxiety. GABA supplement users may also experience the following benefits:

Improved Mood

GABA users may notice a boost in their mood throughout their daily routine. Since GABA can quiet neurotransmissions in the brain, GABA users often experience a soothing sensation. GABA can lessen day-to-day angst.

Mitigate PMS

Premenstrual syndrome can be painful and bothersome. GABA aids users in PMS relief. Again, since GABA reduces superfluous neurotransmissions, GABA supplement users often notice a reduction in pain associated with PMS, and they may also notice fewer mood swings and a more stable mental state.

Better Focus

GABA can increase an individual’s focus. GABA is often consumed by persons afflicted with ADHD to aid them in attaining focus. Moreover, athletes often rely on GABA to increase focus and gain a slight relief from any pain associated with working out.

Lean Muscle Growth & Weight Loss

GABA can aid supplement-takers in growing lean muscle and/or losing weight. GABA aids the body in reducing its fat. Lower fat composition can be more healthful for certain body types.

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