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Milk Thistle

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Our milk thistle supplements are herbal supplements derived from the flower with the same name. Milk thistle has been utilized for millennia as a natural health aid. Milk thistle is most known for its liver cleansing properties. Milk thistle is often used to boost liver health and detoxify the liver. It is a natural antioxidant and can aid in reducing inflammation throughout the body. But the benefits of milk thistle don’t stop there! You can use milk thistle to aid you if you have the following diseases and ailments:


Regular milk thistle use may aid those suffering from diabetes. Milk thistle can lower the body’s cholesterol levels, and it can aid in regulating blood pressure. Moreover, insulin resistance is less likely amongst milk thistle users.

Heart Disease

Since milk thistle can lower your cholesterol, it can boost your heart health. Heart problems often stem from high cholesterol and/or blood pressure issues, and milk thistle can aid you in regulating your cholesterol as well as your blood pressure.

Gallbladder Disorders

Like the liver, the gallbladder can benefit from a regiment of milk thistle. Milk thistle can reduce inflammation within a gallbladder, and it can aid gallbladder healing due to its status as an antioxidant.

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