It’s wonderous that our minds are physical objects. With thought born out of neurons firing chemicals across synapses, our brains bridge the gap between mental and physical. It’s an incredible fact, and a fact that is often pushed to the back of our minds - so to speak. We neglect that every thought we have, every sense we experience, and every emotion to which we succumb is both physical and mental. What’s phenomenal is that we have control over our cognition in two different ways: mental manipulation and physical manipulation:

Mental Manipulation

We control the direction of our thoughts through self-awareness. When we’re consciously active, we’re capable of determining the direction of our thoughts, steering our stream of consciousness. Imagine writing a research paper. During the act of writing the paper, you’ll face a myriad of decisions. What’s the topic? Which sources will I use for research? What word will I use to start my paper? What sentence will I use to conclude it? We guide our minds, make decisions, choose the path of our thought.

Or take meditation, for instance. Meditation is a conscious effort to pursue very specific trains of thought. Some meditate to find sleep. Some meditate to find peacefulness. Some meditate to assess their lives and goals. Through self-awareness and mental acrobatics, we’re able to control our thought, make decisions, and manipulate the mind.

Physical Manipulation

Somewhat ironically, we’re able to control how we think, the emotions we feel, and sensation, physically. With every food we ingest, we’re fueling our body and our mind. When we eat healthy, we’re more likely to be full of energy, happier, more focused, and more productive. When we eat poorly, our mental health can suffer. Poor diet can lead to depression, laziness, and a lack of focus. In this way, we can regulate our diet and supplement it to aid our mind in operating at its best.

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