GABA, or gamma-Aminobutyric acid, is a neurotransmitter inhibitor. The brain is capable of producing GABA naturally, and GABA is utilized by the brain to hinder excessive neural activity. When the neurons in the brain are less excitable, you may feel an improved mood, better mental acuity, and relief from PMS.

Mood Improvement

With GABA supplementation, you may feel more soothed and balanced throughout the day. Again, GABA can mitigate excessive neural activity in the brain. If you’re overworked or stressed, for instance, GABA supplementation may aid you in relaxing and focusing on any task at hand.

Boosted Mental Focus

Focus allows us to accomplish tasks efficiently. GABA’s neurotransmitter inhibitory qualities can aid the mind in achieving focus. Taking a GABA supplement may aid you in focusing at work. If you have a litany of chores and errands to accomplish, GABA may help you stay focused, yet relaxed.

Lessened PMS Effects

PMS can be painful, and it can hinder your mood. If you struggle with the symptoms of PMS, GABA may be a promising solution. Try using GABA supplementation to stave off the pain and mood swings that can come along with PMS.

As a neurotransmitter inhibitor, GABA supplementation offers a variety of benefits for your nervous system. Once more, GABA can aid you in improving your overall mood, it may help you attain focus throughout the day, and it may mitigate the negative effects of PMS. If you’re curious about GABA, you can talk to our in-house nutritionist here at NutraBulk. NutraBulk is proud to provide bulk supplements at less than market prices. Browse through our full catalog of bulk natural supplements by their individual health benefits here.

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