Do you feel groggy throughout the day? Well, have you been missing sleep? It’s an obvious connection: When you don’t get sleep you feel tired. When you’re tired you don’t have energy. If you’re feeling lethargic and lazy throughout the day, it may be last night’s fault. Don’t let a lack of sleep ruin your routine. Consider adding a sleep aid supplement to your diet if you have trouble finding sleep as your head hits the pillow.

Sleep Aid Supplements

sleep aid supplement

There are plenty of drugs on the market that are prescribed to aid those who can’t find sleep. But it can be easier, as well as cheaper, to pursue healthy sleep through natural supplements. Here at NutraBulk, we carry a variety of sleep aid supplements that may aid you in gaining more restful sleep. Count on NutraBulk for our 5-HTP supplements, our L-tryptophan supplements, our L-tyrosine powder, our melatonin tablets, our panax red ginseng softgels, our GABA powder, and our vitamin B12 tablets.


5-HTP is a chemical that can be naturally produced within the body from tryptophan - an amino acid - or it may be consumed. 5-HTP is responsible for a litany of functions, including boosting serotonin levels within the brain. 5-HTP supplements may increase serotonin levels, and this may lead to a number of positive effects on the brain, including improved mood, lessened anxiety, and better sleep. The University of Maryland Medical Center stated in an article that 5-HTP aided those who suffered from insomnia, a sleep disorder. If you struggle to find deep sleep, or if you struggle to fall asleep altogether, 5-HTP supplementation may aid you.


Again, 5-HTP is naturally produced within the body from tryptophan. If you suffer from low levels of 5-HTP and, consequently, low levels of serotonin, a tryptophan supplement may aid you in attaining better sleep.


Tyrosine, according to a WebMD post, can improve alertness following restless nights. If you’re unable to get enough sleep in a night, but you need energy to function through the day, tyrosine supplementation may aid you in operating effectively. Tyrosine may improve memory function, alertness, and reasoning in those who are sleep deprived.


Melatonin is a leading supplement for those who can’t fall asleep, or those who wake too easily. According to another WebMD post, melatonin is considered “likely effective” for treating sleep disorders, those with trouble falling asleep, and those who have “sleep-wake cycle disturbances.” Taking melatonin as a supplement may aid you in falling asleep more quickly, and maintaining restful sleep; that could mean more energy for your morning if you normally struggle to catch some Z’s.

Panax Red Ginseng

Panax red ginseng can have a soothing effect on the nerves. Adding a panax red ginseng supplement to your diet may aid you in attaining a more fulfilling sleep. Panax red ginseng may also reduce joint pain and headaches.


GABA, or gamma-amino butyric acid, is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. As such, GABA may be effective in attaining a state of relaxation or sleep. GABA supplements may aid certain individuals in finding deeper, more beneficial sleep.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is crucial to neural function. Within the brain, vitamin B12 can act to boost acuity and memory, as well as regulate mood. Vitamin B12 can act as a great pick-me-up after a night’s sleep. Taking a vitamin B12 supplement can give you that extra kick as you start to wake up and take on the day.

So if you’re struggling with sleep, or with your energy level throughout the day to day rigmarole, you can count on NutraBulk’s bulk natural supplements. Our supplements may aid you in finding more restful sleep, and they may aid you in having more energy throughout the day. If you’re curious about any of our supplements, you can get in touch with our in-house nutritionist. We’re here to connect you with bulk natural supplements at less than market prices.

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